Lace your Life Up! 

The lace up trend has been here for some time now,but it was originally spotted back in 1820’s. Not so creatively as today,but in trousers and boots.

Personally,it is one of my favorite trends as this tiny detail can add so much to any petty outfit. Have we not seen it already?

Lace up tops,rompers,jumpsuits,pants,handbags,chokers,boots,dresses and what not. In different variations and different areas of clothing. This is a must have in everybody’s wardrobe. Incorporate it in a way that suits your body type and it’s a definite head turner.

Seen in runways too as in the spring-summer collections2015′. Beautiful floral dresses to khadi wear,this tie up thing can fit into anything and everything.

1. Classic Lace Up Graphic Tee.

I can’t tell you how much I am obsessing over this piece. You see this Graphic lace up tee all over tumblr,and it’s so worth the hype. I got mine by DIYing a thrift men’s T-shirt. I paired it with a pair of clear nerdy glasses,black denims(monochrome is chic) and a tomboyish watch.

2. Lace up arm detail.

It’s a slightly different and creative version of the basic detail we get on the neck. The one I am wearing is again a thrift buy and is more on the grave side. You can get feminine ribbon lace ups to suit your personal style. Grey denims and a bold lip,as the tied up arms already grab a lot of attention,went well together.

I am sure,you all already have a lace up piece in your closet and if not. Grab it soon. And let me know how you styled this Trend.

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