A Fun Day! 

Hey Guys! How are you people doing? Do comment down below about your weekend plans,I would love to know. 

Its just about last weekend,when me and my friends decided to go to a fun park. We have just started exploring Bangalore and it’s a great place people,the weather here is amazing. 

We headed out to Fun World by noon. We almost tried every operating ride in the park. It was too cold to hit the waters,so no water park. A day out with friends loitering around the streets of a new unexplored city and laughing our hearts out every now and then is a perfect stress buster. Do take out some time on the weekends and do some activities that enliven you,that will kickstart your dreaded monday much easily,I hope so. 

So for the outfit. 

I decided to go by the wardrobe staple,black jeans. Come on? The easiest to pair. When there are rides that are gonna roll you around,pants are the perfect pick. 
I wore a newly bought olive green ripped knit top. I love this piece. It’s so comfy. Kind of off-shoulder and with that rugged look, its great for a day out. Paired up with a lace bralette to create that chic detailing for the shoulders that the top leaves bare. You can go for any off the shoulder top or a casual shirt for the summer vibe.

 Summers call for sunglasses. These retro not-so-common yellow tinted glasses add enough punch to a casual outfit. Add a pair of aviators or wayfarers and you look worth a million. Well guys,when buying glasses,do keep your face shape and skin tone in mind,it helps you find your perfect pair. I was not a sunglass person until this summer. 

I love fringe bags,they fit into every occasion and an all season essential. The burnt brown color of this bag is so cool,shoes of this color are wow too. 

Hoop hearings are back. They are versatile and dainty. Day to night,any color and size. Easiest to style. 

My day at the park was great. I tried all the roller coasters and bumpy humpy stuff. It was so funnn! Are you guys planning a fun day out? Wear comfy yet in-trend clothes. Click a bunch of pictures. Have fun cause that’s what keeps us going. 

Do keep coming back! Lots of love! ❤
Outfit details : 

Shirt : DIY ripped knit shirt. 

Jeans: Only,High waist black jeans.

Sunglasses,bag and bralette : Thrift buys. 

Total budget : Except 

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