Forever at Forever 21? 

Hey guys! I guess the monsoon has arrived at your place by now. Are you enjoying the rains? Do let me know in the comment section below.
I recently shifted from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore. And the first thing I wanted is to visit brands like Forever 21,Zara and H&M because aren’t they hyped enough? Also because, we dont have it back there.

I visited the Forever21 outlet in Garuda Mall. The first time I went there. I just couldn’t figure out what to pick up. It has a enormous collection of clothes, accessories and footwear. It needs a lot of time,trust me. Its difficult to find stuff in there cause there are too many clothes arranged all over the place. But I loved the concept of putting different categories for style niches. They have a boho, contemporary, formal,new arrivals and other sections which is great if you want a particular piece. Just head out to that section and your life would be easier.

Forever 21 is famous for its ability to keep up with the latest trends at an affordable price range. Its basically a fast trend retailer company. People all across the world rely on Forever 21 for all their basic needs. For me, F21 is acing the game in customer satisfaction. While in other countries,it might be a cheap option as compared to high end brands. Here in India,it serves the needs of fashion lovers most appropriately.

3 Reasons why everybody loves Forever21:

1) Trendiest pieces : All the runway million dollar pieces that gucci comes up with,just wait some weeks and an exact dupe would be available at F21. Things you see your favourite celebrity wearing can be yours,much cheaper at F21. Sometimes,even celebrities shop at this worlwide retail brand. They surely have an efficient market analysis/trend spotting team as they are so ahead in the game of bringing down those pieces from models to general public.
2) Affordable Prices: The price you pay for those pieces that are so much in trend,that basically make people ask. ‘Oh hey, that’s so trendy. Where did you get it from?’ is fully worth it. They prefer being minimal at their price range,but they do have extravagant pieces at higher prices. But the store generally has a border line,which is very much appealing. Come on? I am just a college student and those pieces are what comes in my monthly budget. F21 is soon going to be my next best friend,I can see that happening.

3) Wide Range : Lets not even get started with the range of clothing. Its huge and diverse. They have everything in there from basic blacks,denims to satins and velvets and dresses and all other fancy things. Style niches are categorised as boho, contemporary,basics,swimsuit section etc. You are sure to get almost anything you’re looking for. (if it’s in trend though) . As much as I noticed,they still are a little on the girlier side. But they do have options for all the tomboys out there too. Well I have been there 5 times in 2 weeks and that’s what I have pretty much seen. I am just a new customer,so I am pretty unaware of how the collection changes across seasons. Maybe I will come up with an update of this post after exploring it deep down.

3 must-haves from F21:
1) Bodysuits: F21 is the ultimate stop for bodysuits. Almost 20% of the store is filled with all possible kinds of bodysuits. From lace ones to off-the-shoulder ones to basic ones. If you’re a Bodysuit lover,F21 is THE place to go. If you haven’t tried a Bodysuit before. Trt it,it gives the classiest look. Head out to your nearest F21 or maybe check online and get yourself a bodysuit because that’s going to change your style game all together girl!
2) Dresses :

F21 knows its dresses! I would say,great at casual dresses because there’s a wide variety but enough of unique peices too. Dresses of all types from floral,sequins,velvet,leather,t-shirt style to long maxi dresses. They have it all. The beachy dresses out there are very appealing. They have these firm fitted dresses that give a good shape to your body and come in the most beautiful colors you can think of. Two dresses. One a basic tshirt dress and another a fancy party dress from F21 is must to own.

3) Swimwear:

Like, seriously? If you’re out on vacation to a beachy place,get dead cheap swimwear or bikini pairs at F21. They are so cute. In beautiful colors and prints. Exquisite designs and cut outs. Flaunt that bikini body in one of F21s fab bikini pieces while still not breaking the bank.

Extra mentions :

1) Tights.

•Any pattern and any color.

•Great Fit.

• Not so durable/Replacable.

2) Rompers and Jumpsuits

• Wide variety.

•Comfortable yet chic.


This shouldn’t have been in the extras section but since it was mainly about clothing,it had to be kept aside. But nonetheless,its the most crowded section at any F21 outlet. From chokers, bracelets,caps,hats,backpacks,pouches,bandanas,headbands to hand bags. That moment you just cross this section and feel like you’re being pulled by some mystical thing,you know its the ultimate accessories section. I love F21 chokers,they are so unique and easy to style. The clear bags that are huge in trend,you can find that at F21. Picking up something from this section everytime you visit F21 is bound to happen.

Shopping Tips:

1) Have lot of time in hand, you’ll need it.

2) Have a friend with you to help you out in choosing.

3) Wait for the Sale Season,they keep coming. And who doesn’t love paying less for more?

4) Prioritize what’s that you need in the wardrobe.

5) And Chill Girls! Have fun doing what we all love. SHOPPING!

Well Guys,I thought,while we are talking so much about Forever21. Lets check out some great pieces that are available at the site right at this moment. Click on the pictures to get redirected,to be able to buy them.

1) Graphic Tees (Tops)

2) Florals/Cold shoulder (Dresses)

3) Fringe Jeans ( Denim)

4) Stripes. (Skirts)

5) Fruit Prints/ Plunge neck ( Swimwear)

6) Tinted Glasses (Sunglasses)

7) Quirky sling bag (Handbags)

8) Suspenders ( Rompers)

9) Intricate lace. ( Bodysuit)

10) Fringe Slides. (Footwear)

I hope you liked it and it was helpful in some way. Have a great weekend ahead lovelies ! Xoxo

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