First Times Ft. Marks and Spencer. 

Hey Guys! How’re you people doing? 

How was the first time you went on a flight? Or what was the feeling when for the first time,you danced on stage? Are not all first times nerve-wrecking yet totally memorable. Because the feeling of that experience is brand new. And the giddiness the very first experience makes you feel is different. Sometimes the first impressions of some things or experiences even leave a lasting impact. 

Is there any such first time which is etched in your memory. Do let me know? 

I am a person who gets excited for the tiniest of things. So how was it even possible for me to contain my emotions when I recieved an invite for my very first Bloggers Event/Meetup. Since I came here to Bangalore,I had seen most of the bloggers going to various blogger events and meetups. When all these highly talented and hard working people come together,greatest of discussions emerge and sweetest of memories are made. That’s what I felt in this meetup. 

I was in my class on last thursday when Soniya from SheerVanity emailed me the invitation. I was so happy to have received that,because more than just an event,it was something that was like a break in my recent endeavour of standing out in the world of styling. 
The event was StyleStrides by Marks and Spencer,a fun bloggers meet with styling and checking out their new collection. It was dated 27th,in the Marks and Spencer store in Phoneix Market City. 
On sunday morning,after a lot of deliberations over outfits and messing up my liner(like always).When I reached there,to my surprise, nothing had really started. After taking a stroll around. I met Soniya,she was trying to put things together.I had a good long talk with her,checked out the new collection and took pictures around. She is such a sweetheart. Her styling is super duper amazing and I can’t tell you how much I loved her vibe. 

For the outfit for the day,I chose to wear this Tan flare dress from Forever21. Paired it up with my Tan block heels from Van Heusen. Wore a dainty choker from Accessorize. I went for a brown toned makeup color co-ordinated with the dress. For handbag,I went for a black one that I had recently thrifted,and I am absolutely loving now. The black in the purse went with the black double buckle belt thats in trend right at this moment. Left my hair down,in my comfort zone pretty much.  


An hour later,all the other bloggers had arrived . We had a fun intro, started following each other on instagram,had started talking all things beauty and fashion. It was such a great feeling to be around like-minded people. Bloggers kept on pouring in,we took several pictures. Checked out the collection. Talked about the trends in fashion to the traffic in Bengaluru. Every inch of buzz was floating in the store. There was this happy vibe.Every person who talked to me,at some point said ”Hey,you look like Kritika Khurana” Haha,that was a weird yet good feeling because personally,I love her! 


I tried to interact with as many Bloggers I could. I had a good time with Vibha from and Harshitha from All the Bloggers were super sweet and I miss the aura of that day. 

As per Marks and Spencer’s collection,its great. I loved the formals section. The colors were beautiful,all fall colors from burnt oranges to sienna. They also have a toiletries range which I did not know about and its pretty affordable,you should check it out. All the bloggers were styled aptly by our lovely host,Sonia. From floral to monochrome,everyone looked best in their outfits. 

The desert table was laid with cupcakes,tarts and milkshakes which were utterly delicious. Talking over deserts is way more fun you know. 

For the outfit which Soniya chose for me,it was a white dress with a tie up belt and a pair of blue mules. A monochrome hand bag,which is the best piece right now in the store,according to me. I loved the outfit. It was more on the high fashion side, different from the normal dresses. 

Getting back from the event was not a good feeling. I look forward all such meetups and even maybe,collab with some of the bloggers to come up with creative content for you people. 

Don’t you think,you too have such first times which had made you long for a next time? 
This was not a fashion centered blogpost,but I wanted to share my experience with you all. I hope you liked it! 

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