Let loose those hair problems! Ft. Bee-Choo Origin 

Hey guys! If you remember some days back,I had been to Hairbitat centre, Vittal Mallya Road. It was indeed, a great experience.

Since I have shifted from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore recently,until the first 2 months,I kept thinking that my hair was behaving all unruly because of the weather and water change. But what I realised now is that,the water in Bangalore is bad and it causes all women out here to have all sorts of hair problems from breakage to greying of hair. Home remedies work fine some days but Who has got that time to do the tedious process every now and then? Atleast not me. Living here all by myself,not having my mom to help me out. It seems impossible to make those holy grail hair packs,put it on and wash it off. DIY hair masks do wonders though and I would love to share some of my favourites with you. Do let me know in the comments section below if you want to know them.

Hairbitat has its outlets in Vital Mallya road,JP nagar and HSR layout in Bangalore. I went for my treatment to the Vittal Mallya outlet. The salon interiors is beautiful and the whole place smells so nature-like. The vibe is so raw and fresh.

Hairbitat is the proud master franchisee of the Singaporean brand Bee-Choo Origin. They provide 100% herbal hair treatments that are your Saviours in Bangalore. They have their flagship outlet here in Bangalore and its time,you should try it.

They believe in treating the hair from the inside and infusing shine and lustre back to your hair. Who doesn’t like those shiny locks?

They have a special herbal paste which is the star of the entire treatment. It is a paste made out of 20 natural herbs which is sure to solve any hair problem you have.

On 8th September,just a day before my Ethnic Day(a grand fun-filled day at Christ University),I decided to go for a treatment so that my hair could feel healthier. The beauticians were super sweet. They started with the treatment by combing out my hair and then analyzing it. They found a severe dandruff problem which I have inherited and have struggled with,for the longest time. I do get treatments done but it just makes it better for some days and then gets back to the same old story. They assured me of treating the problem and went ahead by applying the Ginger tonic , which helps in fighting itchiness and opening of the pores so that the paste can be asorbed in properly. They massaged it into the scalp and left it for some time.

My friend Mohit had accompanied me for the treatment and by then,the staff there asked him too to take up the treatment and he joined in too. Yayy!

They then applied olive oil to the scalp and down the hair length which helps in providing nourishment to the hair. Then they applied the thick herbal paste which smelled like henna to me. They sectioned my hair and covered each and every strand with the paste. Since my hair is thick,it took a long time. They steamed it then for about 40 mins. Oh God! That relaxed feeling. That herbal paste working on your hair while the steam gives you the pampered feeling. Its just worth it.

They then washed my hair with a menthol shampoo for two times. Since I suffer from severe dandruff problem,they washed my hair very thoroughly and gave me a tip to use my fingertips to apply shampoo minutely and get squeaky clean hair. Conditioned the hair and then dried it. They asked me if I would like to have a dandruff relief tonic to tackle my dry scalp problem. I said yes and then they sprayed this herbal tonic on my scalp and massaged it deep in. It smelled like peppermint and felt a little ticklish. But that’s how you know things work, right? The tonic has temporarily cured my problem and I will get the tonic treatment done again for a permanent relief.

I felt my hair seemed stronger and healthier. The tonic did wonders and I was instantly relieved of my itchiness due to the dandruff problem. Mohit felt the same. He feels even Men should go for treatments once in a while. They help strengthen the hair and prevent balding. It was his first treatment and he felt so pampered. He would surely go back. The 2 hr session is a complete reward time for oneself.

I waited for a week now to see the long term results of the treatment. After the treatment,I washed my hair a week after since I didn’t feel the need to,my hair was that clean. Its been two weeks now,my hair feels healthier from within and shinier outside. I do not suffer from a lot of issues but one that bothers me a lot,that is dry scalp. The tonic treatment they gave was very useful.If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair,hairfall issues,grey hair,dandruff. Any problem out there. This treatment solves it all.

But just once is never enough. If you want to maintain the quality,be consistent and visit them every month for Gorgeous hair all around the year.

Head to http://hairbitat-herbal.com/ for other details

I hope you liked it! Xoxo

See you. ❣

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