Knock those germs out ft. PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer.

Hey guys! How’re you people doing? 

If there is anything that I recommend you to buy right away. It would be the Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer. Yes, you heard that right. When most women in our country suffer from problems because of the insanitary conditions of toilets in our country, we just had learnt to live with it. Nobody ever thought if there could be a solution to it. We took it so naturally that Yes, it is India and the toilets here are going to be the same even after all the development. Men never suffer the way we do. Much much away from the germs that are so keen to attack you. We, women are the subjects to the infections and diseases. To be true, even I had got habituated to either covering the seat with toilet paper to create a barrier ( if it was available though ). If not, squatting was the option. If could, control it for hours. But none of these so-created jugaads were of any use as one didn’t safeguard me from germs and the other led to straining of pelvic muscles which may lead to severe diseases in the future. And controlling leads to bladder problems. C’mon? Aren’t we all guilty of doing this? But its high time. We should raise our voice against germs for our sanitary health! And the first step towards doing it is by getting this revolutionary product PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer to knock all those germs away.

As such, India is worst on its part of cleanliness and hygiene. And to make it worse, we as women are more prone to infections. Let’s not just take it for granted girls! Peesafe was started by Mr. Vikas Bagaria and I feel there should be more men like him in our country who pay a little more attention towards making women’s life better. 


So,what is it all about? 

Peesafe is a toilet seat sanitizer that can not only be used on toilet seats but on door knobs, flush, faucets and any other areas of the toilet that you feel are unsanitary and you are going to come in contact with them. All you need to do is spray it on the area from a distance covering up the entire area. Wait for the liquid to evaporate. Once its dry,it means it is safe to use now. It kills 99.9% germs and bacteria. Believe me,its such a life saver. Almost all women in our country suffer from UTI once in their lifetime. But why let yourself be prey to pain anymore when you have Peesafe. 

Is the product worth it? 

Can’t tell you how worthy it is. Maybe you can ditch buying that burger for one time and instead you will have something that is gonna safeguard you from all those germs. Apart from germs, isn’t dirty public bathrooms also a reason for a lot of discomfort? Travelling is mess for women because Mother Nature’s call has to come and either we have to control it all the way leading to frustration or use public toilets and get infected and suffer the pain throughout the trip. Sometimes we also avoid drinking water even if we are thirsty just because we want to avoid those public bathrooms. No more ladies! Grab this and all your vacations are sorted.

Have I used it? 

Yes, a couple of times now. Its such a tiny can. I always have it in my handbag and whenever I use any public toilet. Even though it might look clean from the outside, I make sure to sanitize it with Peesafe. It has become a habit now. The best part about this product is its smell. The smell is so so nice. The one thing that bothers me a lot about using toilets is the smell, I just can’t tolerate it. Peesafe helps me combat that. I also use Peesafe in my college washrooms. I believe it solves all the problems we have from killing those germs to tackling the smell. So what are you waiting for? Grab it. There is no specific person who should have it. EVERY woman in our country should have it. Well, even men can have it. Its for your protection and health. Never compromise on it. 

You can buy it from –

Be safe with Peesafe all you beautiful ladies!

Lots of love! Xoxo

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