How to style a White T-shirt Dress in 5 different ways. 

Such a cliche title, right? But let’s agree, that’s what we think in our mind. 

How are you doing my lovely girls? I was back home for some days and it gave me a good boost of energy. 

T-shirt dresses have become such a staple in everybody’s closet these days. And why not? It is so so comfy and yet you can dress it up and make it look like a million bucks. And something even easier to style is a basic white t-shirt dress. You heard that right. Tons of options. But sometimes,we go blank on how to do it. So here I tell you 5 ways I would style it in different ocassions or events. 
1) The Cool and Comfy! 

Keeping the dress as it is and adding just a small element to make it trend sufficient is what I love go to for. Going out for a day-out? We all love looking dolled up but lets face it. Those little tight dresses and high heels is such a pain and we want to enjoy the time instead of being bound by our outfit.

 In 2017, dressing up is not what makes you stand out. Its how comfortable you’re in it and the trend element in it that speaks for itself. High heels and bold lips were a thing but mules and corsets are the hipe now. Because as we move ahead,people are longing more and more for comfort and effortless looks. 

 In this outfit,I added a pair of Fishnet tights because its such a fancy element to add to a basic piece. To keep it even more comfy, slides are my all time pick. You can walk yards in it and it won’t hurt a bit and it still adds the needed punch. It’s that simple girls! Makeup is minimal with a bright lip. 

Outfit details : 

Sunglasses – Thrift buy. 

Fishnet Tights – Local store. 

Slides- Brigade Road. 

2) Fancy and Hot! 

This is another very simple look but its sure to turn heads. It has the element which either people would spot if they are fashion-conscious or not much fashion forward people would be drawn wondering ,what is that piece. Its a Corset belt. Corset belts are huge this season. They are a woman’s best friend,I tell you. Its like a secret gateway to comfort. You can wear all those baggy shirts and dresses which are so comfortable and yet look fab by adding a corset belt which sinches your waist at the right place to accentuate those curves. It makes you look hot without trying too hard. This corset belt is a classic black one. Its wider and therefore adds a lot of dimension to a dress. Paired it with black strappy sandals and you’re good to go. Another comfy but edgier outfit. A winged eyeliner look is a prefect pair for this outfit. 

Outfit details :

Corset – Tibet Mall.


3) Sportive and Fun!

We all have our moments when we just let the boyish side of us out. Those sneakers are what we go for and this t-shirt dress goes perfectly with a white pair of shoes. Paired with a plaid sheer shrug to add color and vividness to it. This outfit is perfect for jungle trips and for sportive events where you’re all ready for the sweating but still look great and feel great. So gear yourself up! The shrug also makes you look taller and can also help when it gets cold. A classic metal watch to go with the sportive look. A dark smokey eye and nude lips would add the glam point if you’re planning to wear it to a not so sportive place. 

Outfit Details : 

Shoes- Brigade Road. 

Shrug – Lee Cooper. 


4) Ethnic and Beautiful! 

With the Festive Season around. An indo-western outfit is what my hands fetch for. I got this Koti from Jayanagar Market in Bangalore and I absolutely love the colours in it. Its so vibrant and it adds the needed punch of color to the white t-shirt dress. Such an unusual twist to a dress but still making it look all put-together with a pair of bronze bangles,ruby earrings and teal midring to add little specks of color to coordinate with the outfit. These Jutis which I love to wear to college were the perfect pick to go with the outfit. Such a Festive outfit, isn’t it? Look all gorgeous with the the twist. A pink lip and blush to make the look prettier. 

Outfit Details: 

Koti- Jayanagar Market. 

Accessories- Commercial Street. 

Juti – Commercial Street. 

5) Formal and Classy: Who thought you can wear a white t-shirt dress to a meeting? Well,yes you can. A blazer is such an essential formal piece and such a game changer. A basic piece with a blazer makes up for the classiest formal wear. Maybe for a presentation or for a meeting where you want to be all comfortable and not twitch in those formal pants. Wear a basic t-shirt dress with a blazer on it. To make it look more work-appropriate,I added a belt. A belt can do wonders ladies,believe me. Not all t-shirt dresses can be turned into a formal outfit but most basic ones can be. So why not wear this to work and make people wonder of how classy it looks while other ladies envy how comfortable an outfit it is. 

Blazer- Raymond.

Belt – Max Fashion. 

There are endless ways to style this piece. But these are the ways I normally go for. I hope it was helpful. If you try any of the looks,do send me pictures! 
Have a great day! Xoxo.

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