Fall/Winter Outfit Inspiration 2017.

Hey guys! I am already pretty late for this one,but better late than never. There is still some time left for winter to get over. All ready for December? 
Fall calls for cozy and dark outfits. I love winter mornings and that feeling of warmth in your blankets. Winters also mean the extra layering of clothes and that added feeling of comfort and luxeness. Are you wondering what to wear this season,wonder no more because here I am listing down some of the f/w essentials that will take your cozy outfits to another level. 

1) Layering : 

Layering is the easiest yet the hottest winter trend of 2017. You just need a bunch of jackets and shirts in your wardrobe and you’re all set to layer it to perfection. Wearing a t-shirt in a basic color is what makes for the right base to go on with layering without making it look messy. Then go with a lighter cover such as a shrug,shirt,half-jacket or light-sweater. Then go for the heavier winter jackets for the comfort and the gradual acceleration from thinner to thicker fabrics. Go for a suede,faux fur,faux leather,knit or military jacket. There are tons of ways you can layer but layering shirts and jackets is the easiest. Here I am wearing a white t-shirt as base and black jeans for keeping it monochrome. I wanted to build the color around green and hence went for a green and blue flanel over it and then layered with a military jacket and look how cozy and edgy it looks. If you do try the same combo,let me know. 

2) Faux Fur : Faux Fux is the ‘thing’ that you need to have in winters. Some contemporary ways is to have a faux fur jacket or faux fur shoes but what’s in this season is faux fur chokers,phone cases,sliders,patches and what I loved,a faux fur purse. Faux fur purses are also classic but I love this one with that greyish color and patch work. And guess what? Its a thrift buy. Lucky to have found such a winter appropriate handbag. You can get a piece of anything that has faux fur and it will last you the entire winter. A jacket is a must have for colder places. If you’re from a hotter place,go for a purse or stoles instead. Just an eccentric piece to make it more wintery ( if that’s a word) . 

3) Floral : With the onset of fall,the falling of leaves and flowers to the closure of winter,floral pieces in dark shady colors are what are a go-to. Florals are women’s all time favourite. In the summers, bright florals look fresh and beautiful while dark florals mark the cold era. Florals add such a feminine touch to any outfit and all you need are basics to build around it,to make it look picture perfect. This black and red floral dress is a perfect example of dark florals which also has ruffles at the bottom which is another huge trend this season. The florals with the ruffles makes up for a complete winter-apt dress. Get your hands on floral dresses or tops,even boots or hats to add the fall element. A black lip and lace-up boots to make that all grunge. A half top-knot to complete the look. 

4) Oversized anything and everything : Oversized is ‘the’ thing in 2017. Gone are the days of the tight fitted clothes. Even for girls in shape,oversized has become the new PJs as they are super comfy while still being fashionable and isn’t is easy to just slip into oversized t-shirts and dresses,put on the right accessories and footwear and it makes up for a great look while you still feel like you’re in your bed. As per this season, oversized denim jackets are a great choice. They go with basic outfits very well. Oversized sweaters are also a great pick as they look super cute on all girls,be it whatever body type. Snuggle into a oversized sweater,hoodie or jacket for a more comfier look to just hang out with friends. This Oversized jacket is again a thrift buy while I am wearing a black crop top and jeans under it with a gold choker and hoops to keep it minimal. 

5) Trench Coats : Trench Coats are such a necessity in colder places but now even in India,trench coats have captured the market for the look they give. Trench coats are so basic and easy to style but adding twist to it is what makes it voguish. Trench coats in pop colors like red or yellow are such head-turners or you can also go for trench coats with colorful collars and cuffs. They just add an oomph element to that standard piece. I don’t own a trench coat yet because weather in Odisha would never let me put it to use. 

6) Sock boots,Thigh-high boots : Thigh high boots can go with all types of dresses I believe but when it picks up a major role is in winters,they cover your legs while still making you look gorgeous. I still don’t own a pair of those and would hopefully get one soon. Sock boots are also a great pick and Yeezy does it right but what’s even more fun is you can DIY it. Here I am wearing a DIY pair of sock boots. If you want to know how,comment down below. 

7) Bomber Jackets : They are the coolest way to stay warm. They look stunning on everybody. I am telling you guys,get a bomber jacket this winter and you can use it for seasons together as it’s a never dying piece. It has been here since early 2000s and has still to continue. They can vary from thinner fabrics to thicker ones. I suggest getting thinner ones in satin as they look very extra and you can also style them in other seasons as they are light. Bomber jackets go by their name and look bomb all the time. Just put that on your PJs and they still look great. Here I have just worn them over my regular black tshirt and jeans and look how they add that bomb element to the casual outfit. 

I hope you got some inspiration to prepare your closet for the chilly days! Lots of love 💞

Outfit Details-

Blue Green Flanel : Commercial Street. 

Military Jacket : Mogu’s Closet. 

Fur bag : Thrift Buy. 

Blacl floral dress : Max. 

Boots : Myntra by Knotty Derby. 

Denim Jacket : Thrift Buy. 

Black crop top : Max. 

Hoop earrings : Forever21. 

Gold choker : Accessorize. 

Bracelets : Westside. 

Sock boots : DIY. 

Bomber Jacket : Max. 

Black jeans : Max. 

Sunglasses : Specsandmore. 

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