Wedding season ready ft. Datetheramp.  

Hey guys! Are you all set for 2018? I am certainly not. Just in months,I will be in my second year. Seriously? I am excited too as I am coming up with new things for you guys. Stay tuned.

The wedding season is here and we all are worried about what to wear and how to prepare. A lot of things to take care about but hey,here I am to help you. Its strange that I have never been a part of a proper family wedding because all my cousins and siblings are younger to me. But I have been a wedding guest quite a few times and what I have realised is, I am bored of wearing the same old anarkalis and lehengas and then repeating them. But on the other side,lehengas cost quite a lot and its not possible to buy a new one for every wedding that you attend. So I came up with these two looks with something you already you have in the wardrobe. These indo-westerns combos are fancy while still looking decent and not drifting away from the festive look. 

So here are two outfit ideas for you all : 

1) The Sagai look : I would wear this to the sagai as it is minimal yet completely different. We all have those beautiful long skirts that we got from north and have never really worn them properly. This is a way, you can transform your long skirt to a more fancier look. Get the most beautiful one you have with designs and bead work and then pair it with a white shirt. White shirts are basic and neutral and you can pair it with any color and pattern you want. The right way to up the game is with right accessories. Wear the shirt with two buttons down and use that extra neck space to wear a necklace that goes with the outfit. You can add earrings if you want. Slip on those bangles and a pair of heels and you’re sagai ready. This is what I wore to the ethnic day in my college. I already had the white shirt and I wanted a red skirt so I got this one from flipkart. Added the beaded layered neckpiece and golden bangles. Golden eyes and red lips to complete the look. This is not the boring old blouse and skirt look, its fun and different yet beautiful. Do let me know if you try the look.

2) The wedding day look : Lehengas are beautiful and its hard to ditch them when attending a wedding. They just add the oomph needed to look like you’re attending a grand day.  They are heavy and are absolutely stunning and are a need. But the blouse can be replaced by something fancier. I would suggest a body fit top in a color coordinating with the lehenga. Ruffles or bell sleeves or sequins or mesh. Any top with that extra element to make it a match for the extravagant lehenga. This fusion look might sound absurd for some people but if you like stepping out of your comfort zone then do try it to renovate your old lehenga look. If the top is properly co-ordinated with the lehenga,then its easy to carry it out and is sure to turn heads. Look all fancy because weddings are when new sparks are lit. I paired a brown lehenga from Kamal Manickath with a black mesh top with collar details. The fusion between the two is sure to create a striking look,for the most fancy wedding guest this 2017. A golden cut crease eye with a brown lip and golden earrings to make it even more glam.

This lehenga is one I rented from @datetheramp. Its a rental website that has designer clothes that can be rented at a 1/10 of the actual cost. Rental clothes are such a saviour for big occasions. Lets face it guys. Those gowns and lehengas burn a hole in the pocket and are not even used enough. They are taken out of the wardrobe twice a year while they cost more than our entire wardrobe. And sometimes,it becomes monotonous to wear the same lehenga over and over again but when you don’t, the guilt of wasting money on something which you aren’t using kills you. To all those problems,there is a solution and that is Rental clothes. Rental clothes are picking up as they allow you to borrow designer wear for those particular days when you need it at a fraction of the actual cost. 

My experience with datetheramp was very smooth and great. I ordered the lehenga from Kamal Manickath for such a low cost and I cannot even tell you how beautiful the lehenga was. Its a beautiful lehenga with several layers in it to give that extra poof. The lehenga is beautifully adorned with embellished flowers all over it and the has a top shiny layer which makes it look a masterpiece. You are sure to feel a million bucks in that lehenga and in any outfit that you get from them. They are properly packed and is delivered at your step and taken from your doorstep. A personal stylist is arranged for you to take care of the fitting and the styling of the outfit or for any other help. The company works deligently to provide you with comfort in getting your outfit and making sure you own it on your special day. I loved the entire experience and would surely suggest you to try their collection for your own special occasions where you can look all fancy in designer wear and flaunt it as well while spending almost nothing.
I hope I was a helpful friend who solved your concerns right before the day. Do let me know if you wear any such fusion outfits. 

Link to datetheramp –

This is the last blogpost for this year. Happy New Year Guys! 💞 Have a wonderful year ahead, start it with a positive note and enthusiasm to do all those amazing things which you always want to. Stay blessed and keep showering your love. 

See you next year 💟


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