Pop of Colour, Let the eyes speak.

Hey guys! How is the week going? I have been overwhelmed with the response on the wedding post. Thankyou so much for sparing a moment to read it. I hope you guys are enjoying the content I am trying to put up.

This time around, colours have wrecked the entire fashion industry. While neutrals are an all time favourite for one and all, what has stepped into the market are vibrant colors in uncanny fashion. Let’s be honest, we all have always loved colours but it is not the easiest to style while neutrals on the other end can be styled in a second. But if paired well, colours can take your look a whole notch higher. Spring 2018 has painted the runway with shades across the color palette. Brands like Versace and Calvin Klein have showcased some of the brightest hues this season and we have enough inspiration to make our own look out of it.

If you want to know how to add a pop of color to your dull/basic outfit, here I have some ideas of how you can add the color to your outfit in the right way. I found my ideal way by letting my eyes speak. Having the color on your eyes is a way to get the perfect color coordinated look.

I took to the basic primary colors ( red, yellow and blue) to make it easier to start at the take on vibrant colors.

1) Fiery Red :

Red has been the color of Winter 2017 and while colors have their foot set deep in 2018, Red seems to be here for good. We all have feared the color at some time because of how bold it is and how wrong it can go if not styled the right way. The easiest way to incorporate red in your wardrobe has been a little red dress but gone are those days and the Fashionistas of this era are killing it with their head-to-toe red outfits. In normal day-to-day life, a complete red look is difficult to carry. What you can do instead is add bits of it to your outfit. Here is the way I went with it. I have this utterly basic outfit of a white shirt with denim cullotes on and the right way to go with it was to add the flaming color Red in a subtle way. I went with red on the eyes and a pair of red mules to coordinate. Red lipstick is the easiest way to go but I wanted to experiment and went for the bold shadow instead and there is where my craze for the pop of color on eyes started. Some ways to go with red is :

  • Red Boots/stilletoes.
  • Red lipstick.
  • Red hat/cap.
  • Red belt/scarf.
  • Red jacket.

There are endless ways to go with it but these are some ways to make your outfit stand out.

2) Whimsical Yellow :

Yellow is the happy color and it’s here and will dominate summer of 2018. The recent issue of Vogue also has Deepika Padukone in yellow. While yellow is a pretty bold color to go for. The right shade of yellow is a bare necessity for making the desired look. It is very easy to go wrong with yellow and look funny as shades of yellow need to be coordinated with the shade of the skin. Dark yellows suit most indian skin tones and is the safest to try while brighter hues can be styled by keeping the rest of the outfit toned down. If you’re not much into colors, try yellow accessories. They add the needed color to your outfit while still making it easy to sport. Here I did this orange to yellow gradient on the eyes and to pair with it, went for yellow pom-pom earrings. Just two little elements of yellow and the normal basic outfit is counted trendy. Some of the ways to go with yellow is :

  • Yellow tops/tunics.
  • Yellow belts.
  • Yellow coats.
  • Yellow mules/shoes.

Yellow can be played safe if kept minimal and can make the happiest look you ever carried.

3) Ardent Blue : Among all the colors mentioned, blue is the most forgiving one which can even end up being your go-to. Blue is beautiful and the right tinge of blue can help your outfit pop in a subtle and classy way. Blue is also the way to go for your night outfits. Vibrant colors like yellow and red are not for dark while blue is optimal. Here, I went with black top and black jeans and to add color, I put on a blue denim jacket. I went with glittery and shiny blue eyeshadow by building the base with blue eyeshadow and topped it with blue shimmer which made a blue cohesive look. Some ways to go with blue :

  • Blue jacket.
  • Blue thigh high boots.
  • Blue skirt/jeans/pants.
  • Blue headband/earrings/bracelets.
  • Blue top.
  • Blue dress.
  • Blue sneakers/glasses.

This beautiful hue is so basic yet can make up a glam outfit. Do try it.

I went with the three primary colors Red,Yellow and Blue ranging across the day with Red morning, yellow afternoon and blue night by complimenting the eyes with shoes, earrings and jacket. Easy ways to add pop of color to your most basic outfits and step out in trend. Feel happy with the hues added to how you look and feel.

I hope you guys liked the concept and enjoyed reading.

Until next time. Xoxo ❣

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