Ace the Instagram Baddie look (Tips and Tricks)

Hey guys! How’re you doing? How was Holi and how did you celebrate it?

Being an Instagram baddie is no fun, because your life needs to look pitch-perfect. A baddie in literal meaning is a bad person. But an ‘instagram baddie’ doesn’t suggest the same. She is a whole different person who inspires people to look great all the time. Her IG is wonders and her looks are always on fleek.

You scroll down your instagram and you see these bombshells with their perfect bodies and flawless makeup making the world a more glam place to live in, you know. We all look at them and wonder how cool it would be to be born that perfect. But in reality, those perfect bodies are built with sweat and the great skin is out of ton of care. But Come on guys? Not all of us have that time to keep looking after our body. Its always good to. But when stuck in the daily chores of life, it’s difficult. Maybe we can just sometimes not blame and punish ourselves for not sticking to those goals. Relax girls! We’re beautiful and perfect the way we are. Cherish whatever you have. Any size,any colour, we rule this world. Have goals because thats what drives our soul to become better ‘us’. Do this to treat yourself for being a great woman, not to be someone else. And I believe, every woman out there can channel their inner diva by just realising their worth and doll up some day out of the hectic days to pamper yourself for all the work you do. Get those compliments that drives the week ahead. As girls, we love compliments , don’t we?
So girls, let’s set up to conquer the world.

Back then, if something looked good to the eye, it was enough. It still is. But being in trend and syncing with the world steps your game stronger. When choosing your look, taking inspiration from current trends is an essential tip I would love to give you all. If you have an event, party or just want to dress up for fun.

Some essential tips to follow:

1) There are two courses here-

* If you already have a piece that you want to style- Look for inspiration for that particular piece. Lets say,you got a red gingham print top ( top trends) and you wonder how you can style it. Search looks worn by celebrities and fashion icons, even runway looks. Just the way I checked Instagram and saw this chic outfit of a gingham top with a bell bottom and tinted shades. Loved it. Take a screenshot and recreate it your way. For adding the personal touch, you can choose the colour and pattern for your jeans, shades and even makeup. That makes you own the trend.

*If you want to get something in trend. Check the online websites for their latest collection. Latest section is bombarded with all things trendy. Websites like Koovs have sections where you can buy an entire outfit. All websites these days, tell you what’s in trend by creatively putting it into a separate genre. Check those. Or look for fashion influencers outfit and follow the links or tags to get a piece of what they wore. Look up in magazines too. You can even check blogposts you know ( mine too please).

To list down some of the most instagrammable looks-

1) Everything Over-sized – Going huge. Oversized shirts, dresses, bottoms. Basically everything. The effortless vibe baggy clothing gives along with being comfy makes it my go-to option all the time. If you’re petite, go for Over-sized hoodies from mens sections, they will fit you like dresses. If you’re tall. Get longer shirts. For curvy girls, go for t-shirt dresses,you will love it. And the best way to style these are with belts that help you sinch the waist to carve out the body structure.

2) Right accessories : While your clothes can be the basic ones, the right accessories can take your look a notch higher. Accessories are not just the extra element but sometimes also the essential element without which an outfit can’t be put together.

3) Basic clothes with hint of fun : Another way to look chic is to look put together in basic and monochrome pieces. Carrying off a complete monochromatic look might seem intimidating, an eccentric fun piece to build the outfit around is a good start and you can notch the game higher. Basic tshirts and denims can look fab with just a pair of red tinted glasses or a beret. A stylish belt or a fur bag. Just small pieces to make your outfit different and yet easy to carry through your daily routine. A basic outfit with bomb footwear is an easy way to go about it.

For the makeup part –

1) Highlight – Highlighter is my best friend. The way it lifts up your face,its a game changer. Even if you’re going for a subtle look, a dewy face just makes you look a million bucks. It makes you look like you take extra care of your skin. For an inner glow,use cream highlighters and dab it on the high points of the face. For a more glam look, try strobing.

2) Mascara- Believe me when I say this, I hated mascara a year back. I thought it was clumpy and made your lashes heavy. But now,it is an essential. The way it lifts your eyes and makes you look awake, not even the concealer can do such wonders. And now,its even more fun with coloured mascaras. Try applying mascara in coats to get voluminous lashes and you are going to look bomb!

3) Lipstick – Who doesn’t know lipsticks can take you from nothing to everything. Across ages, Lipstick has been women’s dearest weapon. Play with colors. Its said. The lip color you’re wearing can depict your mood. Go for reds when you’re not feeling great, it will make you look hotter in seconds and your mood will lift automatically. Mauves and Nudes are best for everyday use. Pinks are for happy days. Browns are for days when you want to look class apart. Try colors and you will know your game.

I hope these tips were helpful and would help your style shine a little brighter! Lots of love. Xoxo

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