Clothing Trends ( Fashion Trends 2018)

Hey guys! This is the second part of the series. If you haven’t checked out the first part yet, it is about the Bag Trends for the year. Go check it out. I guess this is the part that will interest most of you guys because people are majorly interested in clothes to wear. So here you go, these are the hottest fashion trends that were spotted on runways. Pick your favourite ones according to your own personal vibe and style it accordingly. My personal favourites were sheer and one color head-to-toe. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of trends, the styling may help you out. So dig right into it –

1) Sheer Clothing : Sheer and thinner fabrics were seen all across brands. Sheer black tops were a statement last year but what’s in for this year are sheer flowy fabrics that almost look like you stepped out of a Cinderella dream. I loved some pieces from Christopher Kane and Burberry’s collection. While a different version of sheerness was displayed by different brands. Some played with colorful sheer fabrics and some with patterned. The main focus was around duller, flesh toned and pastel hue. This dress that I am wearing is by Ritu Kumar and I had rented this for attending a Fashion Show from Date The Ramp. Its a beautiful flesh toned sheer dress with floral pattern in the flare. It comes with a nude camisole with it to keep the look neutral and elegant. I loved this piece very much and I think this is the best outfit for days when you want to look beautiful and elegant. I kept the look neutral by pairing it with brown heels, dainty jewelry and soft curls. While standing out had been a main focus this year, the sheer trend went straight for simplicity.

2) Checks : I believe this is something that cannot be even stated as a trend for normal people who wear it in their day-to-day life. But in the fashion forward lot, checks had taken a break but has now emerged as a huge trend. You might have already spotted fashion influencers across the world sporting checked blazers, pants and skirts. The most seen version of it are checked co-ords. Checks look so classy yet are highly comfortable. The main colors that checks were seen playing with were neutrals. Most brands have such pieces in their collection all year around, so its easy to find. I got this one from H&M, it is not the best for my body type but the print just made me buy it. I wanted to keep this look completely neutral and dark. So I paired it with a black crop top and used my trusty leather jacket for the over the shoulder look. To keep the look based around the same colors, I added my new pair of sock boots from Intoto. Thats how the dark and classy look emerged.

3) Vintage : Do I even need to tell you this? 80s and 90s style has taken over 2018. Vintage styles are being incorporated across clothing and accessories section. Any and every kind of vintage piece is being embraced by the fashion industry. Do you have a jacket or a purse that your mom once used, borrow it because its going to look super trendy. You can even visit your local thrift stores to get hand on any vintage clothing pieces or even shop for it as brands have already come up with vintage inspired pieces in their collection like satin, florals, puffed shoulders and bell bottoms. I got this satin and georgette mix black shirt with old style buttoning and flower patchwork on one side of it. The sleeves were glittery and it was a complete vintage piece that I picked up at a thrift store. I browsed some of the 80s looks and decided to pair the shirt with a camel brown skirt and to make it a little more vintage, I added hoop earrings and a pair of sneakers. The go-to college outfit of the 80s. Experiment and create your own vintage outfits this year.

4) Monochrome : The biggest style statement for decades has been to go monochrome head-to-toe. It creates a luxurious and bold vibe which most celebrities opt for. Complete black, complete white or complete denim outfits are a go-to for a ton of people. But this year, designers showcased head-to-toe bright colors mainly Red and Lavender. Colors are so in this spring-summer, so even if you plan to go monochrome. Pick up a bright color. I am wearing a red bodycon dress from Splash with a pair of red mules and a pair of red sunglasses to get my colourful monochrome look. You can opt for any color and style your pieces accordingly. The easiest would be the black t-shirt and black jeans combination. We are always told to wear contrasting colors but fashion is taking a different path this 2018 and its fun to swing along.

5) Unusual layering : Layering in winters like I did in my winter trends post is the normal way of going for it. Unusual layering is the key to high fashion. Wearing as many layers by rightly coordinating pieces creates great looks. Wearing a jacket over a crop top with a sheer top underneath creates such a boujee look. There are so many options to play around. I decided to pair this bandeau crop top from Forever21 over a white shirt for a complete contrasting layered look. I loved how the look turned out. Paired it with a smokey eye, black mules and hoop earrings. Easiest tip would be to pair any item on white shirts or tshirts. Or you can experiment a lot more. Layering is very fun and leads to unique outfits.

6) Sequins : Sequins are all over the place. They add so much fun to an outfit. All that I feel is joy and excitement when I wear sequins. They not only look fun but also give you a boost of glittery happiness. Deepika wore a rainbow sequin playsuit on the cover of Vogue. Runways displayed head-to-toe sequins and patches of it. Sneakers and purses drenched in sequins. Across colors and patterns, sequins were everywhere. I got mine from Max Fashion. It is a biting lip sequin patch. I loved the vibrant and contrasting colors in the top and to keep the look cohesive, added black jeans and white sneakers. For me, this is the easy breezy day-out outfit or even a college outfit. So fun yet so basic. If you own anything with sequins on it, bring it out. Sequin dresses are an easy pick and great for parties. If not, sequin accessories will do the thing.

7) Lavender : This color speaks for itself. Its the color of the year alongside Ultra Violet if you didn’t know already. I love funky colors so when I first thought about styling this color, it didn’t quite interest me. But let me tell you. Its one beautiful color. Its so subtle yet so different from the usual lot which makes it the perfect expression for subtle feminine look. Lavender co-ords were the major showcase. One color head-to-toe has been a thing even with lavender. I love some pieces from Michael Kors while Zara is coming up with its own pieces of lilac. If you’re bored of your blacks and whites and want to experiment with color but still remain subtle. Lavender should be your choice. It has started trickling down to online websites so you can grab some pretty decent lavender pieces. This one I got from Commercial Street at a steal price of 100 bucks. Getting the color of the year at a throwaway price? Yuss! This is a pretty sheer top so I went with a nude camisole inside it. I love the beautiful flowery details. It was baggy so I used a belt to help it fit. Went with a classic pair of light blue denim and black stilletoes. Also went with a purple glittery eye to add drama along with some dainty neckpiece.Lavender actually compliments a ton of skin tones so do try out this color, its going to make you love pastel colors.

I hope you guys liked it. Do let me know if you happen to try out any of these trends ❣ Until nextime, xoxo.

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