Sunglasses Trends ( Fashion Trends 2018 )

Hey guys! Its been so so long and I am sorry for not putting up content on the blog. But here I am taking the series forward. This is the third part of this series where I take you through the hottest fashion trends of 2018 across different sections. If you haven’t checked out the Bag and Clothing Trends posts, go check it out. In this post I will be talking about the sunglasses trends for this year. Sunglasses are not given the importance they deserve and it is just something that is a need for people. But for people who love dressing up, shades add the punch to an outfit and this year they have emerged as the most important element in the greatest outfits worn this season. The comeback of tiny glasses for the ultimate retro vibe is what 2018 revolved around.

Impractical maybe, stylish but glasses.

This has to be the first one I talk about because it is probably the biggest Fashion trend for 2018. With its onset from late 2017 to its full on swing in 2018, these tiny little glasses have won all hearts. Even the most stubborn fashionistas who had claimed not clinging to this trend much are sporting these on a daily basis. These are extremely photogenic glasses as the ultra retro look it creates with the glasses resting on the tip of the nose and that cold stare from above the glasses is a favorite look for fashion fanatics. They look best when paired with basics and denims, middle parted hair and glowing skin. In India, you can get your hands on the most trendiest pieces which are superb in quality from Shein undoubtedly. Do try this trend once this year, it instantly takes your look to a higher notch. I have paired my black glasses with a real simple stripes top and black pants which creates a neutral cohesive look. I also have these glasses in red which I had paired with my monochrome red look that looked really fancy.

Look through people glasses.

This trend has been around for a long time. From the mechanic protective glasses to the futuristic looking huge clear shades, these pieces have a clearly added edge to them. It looks perfect with sportive outfits and it has to be in your bag if you’re going for an athleisure look. I am wearing my black oversized top half tucked in my denim skirt to create this laid back sporty look with the clear glasses acting as the cherry of the outfit. Its the perfect look to go for all the girls out there who love to dress in cool comfy clothes yet add an element of high fashion to it. Neutral makeup with ponytails, braids or buns look super cute and bring the outfit together. I love how these glasses look with metallic eye looks giving the eyes the needed attention and building the outfit.

Paint the city glasses.

Tinted glasses are kind of evergreen. They came in the 70s and have stayed thereon. They look pretty dope when color coordinated the right way. And everything looks different when you have them on. It kinda is fun. Tinted shades add the jazz to the outfit. The best part about it is how it can add color to a rather dull outfit. Also the fact that they can easily go from day to night. This is my favorite out of the bunch because when it comes to shades, not everything looks good on me. While I can’t play with a lot of shapes, tinted shades let me stick to shapes which flatter my face while changing colors. This yellow shade was maybe my very first buy and you can also find it on my very first blogpost. These really flatter my face and are perfect for sunny days and beach vacations. I am wearing this with my day out outfit to add the pop of color to the neutral tones. The other tinted shades are the red ones that I have paired with a red sequin top and a red lip. Too bold a move for you? You could just tone it down with a neutral lip to keep the focus of the face on the glasses. These are really fun to style and can drastically change your appearance.

Celebrity? Yes please glasses.

I bet this is this pair you would find in every celebrity’s bag, the way to get through those flashes is to shield the eyes. Wayfarers are a staple. But this season, people have sported classic black wayfarers a ton. It is also seen extensively on the runway. The fashion icons and influencers who attended the various fashion weeks that has happened in the recent months went for wayfarers majorly. The best point about this pair, is how versatile it is and how effortlessly it adds the power and luxe element to outfits. Creating the contrast against vibrant outfits is also something you can go for with this pair. Above all, a pair of wayfarers will be your best friend for the day after a sleepless night. Ditch the eye makeup and just put on those black chic glasses to complete your look to attend a corporate event or just to run your daily errands.

Catastic Glasses.

Cat eye is such a classic style. They are just the pair to add the needed oomph to an outfit. The best thing about them? They look great on pretty much every face shape. Because it adds the extra length to your eyes giving the winged out look. Cat eyes are a fierce pair that take your outfit to a completely different level. Black cat eyes look really great with almost everything. What I got here is a pair of animal print cat eye shades from SheIn. I love this pair and here I am wearing it with the most basic outfit possible, blue jeans and white T-shirt but how it adds the right amount of character to the outfit is what they are made for. I love those 90s looks where women are sporting these cat eyes with scarfs and a red lip. If you are venturing out for a fancy pair, look no further and grab this.

I hope this gave you the right inspo for your next buy! Until next time. Xoxo

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