Runway vs Realway

This blogpost is pending for over a year now. I had thought about the concept of it but couldn’t really execute it that well, so I didn’t want to bring it here. Then I asked myself, Should I let it just sit in my gallery just because it isn’t perfect? Well, life isn’t perfect yk. So I gathered courage and here I am presenting to you a mix of some of my favorite looks with others that could have been done better. But yeah, browse through! And I hope you’re safe at home and enjoying the bliss of home during this quarantine period. 🙂So the concept behind this post is looks that have a same piece of clothing which is very much in trend. Where I will show you how it is worn on the ramp vs how I would wear it in real life. Trying to create stark contradictions between both looks, doesn’t necessarily mean that runway looks are not wearable.

Stripe It!

Stripes are such a classic thing to wear. It has been around and is never leaving the fashion industry. There are so many great ways of styling it and it has the power of elevating or just ruining outfit very very easily. The stripes I am playing with here is big bold white and black stripes. These kind are not your general stripes but look extremely fashionable when paired well.


For the runway look, I just made it more chic than usual. I have seen so many runway looks where they just leave the fear behind and do a print on print look. Runway is all about playing with clothing and creating that completely eye catching look. So for the runway look, I went with a black&white striped shirt with black&white pants. While it seems so intimidating and crazy, I think this look is very powerful. I wanted to maintain a continuum so I made sure that the stripes were in the same direction, vertical stripes. The key to stand out yet keep it together was the direction and colors that went together making it almost look like a set. I also paired it with this tiny dark glasses to add the bold and boss lady look. Tell me what you fell about it down below? My friends said I look like a chor 😂


Now if I were to wear stripes. I would definitely opt for only one element of it and preferably pants because they elongate your legs. So that’s what I went with. I wore the black&white pants with a black t shirt. Now because the color palette is in the grey area, I didn’t want to add any other colors. So get the most simple look, I added the t shirt in black and chose short sleeves to balance the long pants. Also added silver hoop earrings to accessorize the outfit. So this is something that you could easily wear when you’re heading to a brunch or just casual shopping. I think this outfit is very simple and still has the power vibe to it.


Florals are such a beautiful pattern to wear, be it summer or winters. This pattern also has a hater team and a lover team. Some people who don’t like it, just can’t work with it. If I had to classify myself, I would be on the hater team. I do try some florals sometimes, but not my preference any given day. But like it or not, florals is a huge part of the clothing industry and runways seem to love it. For me a rule of thumb is, bright florals for days and darker florals for night. That’s the only way I go about it.


For the runway look, I went all out. This is the exact depiction of what I have seen on the runways, exaggerated versions with newspaper, flowers, boxes, colors and what not. Either the runways are simple and classy or completely insane. I have seen models wear nests on the head, flowers all over the body. The incorporation of flowers into runway has a ambiguous twist to it. I admit it, I am not brave enough to take this look out on the street. So I shot the pictures on my roof. Wore a net top underneath the already pompous floral dress. Did that famous diffused blush and a messy bun with a satin scrunchie. Uhh, this look is completely out of my comfort zone. So many colors and textures, some people pull it off so well, I wonder how. I wanted this very hippie vibe to the look and I hope I achieved it. Can you see this on a runway?


This is by far, one of my favorite looks of all time. I love how this turned out. This dress is from a thrift store and is strapless and colorful, I would normally never pick up something like this. But I am glad I did. I wanted a perfect girlie look as if  I was about to go for a nice picnic in a beautiful place somewhere. I wore a white shirt over the dress and tied it at the waist which gave that effortless vibe to the look. Did pink lips and eyeliner to add that girlie element. Wore clear heels and also carried a straw bag. This is the perfect outfit to wear on vacation, brunches and outings. How starkly contradicting both the looks are, that’s what styling is capable of. Some pictures out of this shoot are phenomenal. Hope you like it as much as I do.

DSC_0035.jpgDSC_0026 (1).jpgDSC_0042.jpgDSC_0095.jpg




This look is about the one blazer in my dad’s wardrobe that I always felt was very chic ans always wanted to try it on, so I did. I love the check pattern and the earthen color of the coat, it’s beautiful for Indian skin. Now checks and over-sized blazers are another huge trends since 2018. Boxy blazers on women look great, so why not steal one from your dad and make it work.


For the runway look, I had to put on a full on masculinity vibe. So I also used my dad ‘s trousers to make the outfit. The set was so baggy but that’s what I was going for. I chose a grayish pant to add a little coolness to the warm coat. I used my thick belt to belt the coat up, otherwise I would have looked like a box. I also did a grayish brown smokey eye and middle parted hair for that model look. This is something that most of us won’t be comfortable to wear, but I think the over-sized blazer by itself with jeans would also look phenomenal. I also added a pair of wayfarer kinda big glasses to give that complete hit guy look. Gangsta on the streets!!



For the more wearable version, I always wanted to try to wear coat with a top and skirt, it’s not that usual here in India because of the weather. But I shot this look in December and I quite liked the comfort a longer and thicker coat gives when paired with skirts. I added a black cami to add shape and a blue formal skirt to make it cohesive with the coat. Also wore brown socks with my black mules to give that complete winter outfit look. A great look to try in the fall winter season this year. It adds the perfect amount of comfort as well as edge to the outfit. The coat complemented the dull colors and made for a look to wear when you’re travelling. And when you feel like you can belt the blazer up, and it will look more put together.So guys, I hope you liked this post. My take on how I would style runway trends in my life. From the stripes for any season any day to florals for summers and a look for winters. I hope you find inspiration for your looks this year. If you want me to continue with this series, comment down below. Xoxo


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